What we do

Here are some of the realisation processes that we offer.  But sometimes we need new ones!


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Behavioural simulations offer the powerful experiential learning by providing a simplified but highly realistic context in which to test out new ways of working explore future constraints or opportunities or the power relationships between different interest groups. Participants take on a role that is similar to that in their real life. They set their own objectives decide on who they need to make agreements with all persuade and then negotiate with the other players to realise these ends


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These are guided conversations led by experienced facilitators who understand the client’s operating context.  Using a mix of scripted challenges and improvised scenarios our facilitators unfold the stories through exploring how different interest groups might react or respond.  Hypotheticals allow participants to hear and understand each other’s plans, intentions and reactions.  Hypotheticals offer a safe and interactive way of exploring current and future ‘what if’s’ helping groups to realise how to manage change more effectively.


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Resolutions provide a way of aligning interests quickly.  Teams and organisations rarely work in isolation.  There are times when the interests of different people or the contrasting ways that they view a problem make it difficult to reach agreement or make decisions.  Resolutions can short circuit the natural process of multiple and complex negotiations.  They allow people to reach a better understanding of each other, move closer towards an alignment and an agreed way forward.


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Bench testing is a safe way to explore and correct risks or flaws in operation or prototypes before they go live.  Using a combination of real historical data, and ‘what if’ surprises, bench testing helps participants experience policy in practice, understand the connections between processes, identify how operations can be improved and become more confident in handling risks.  Bench tests bring project plans to life to help people own the plan and their part in it.


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We know children learn through play so why not adults?  In the right context games can be an effective way of combining fun and learning.  Our games can be designed to help groups ‘warm up’ or get to know each other or explore serious topics, such as developing alternative leadership styles.

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